Seminar on April 2006




Paper title


2006. 4. 1

 A simple Spatial Tone Mapping Operator for High
Dynamic Range Images

13th Color Imaging Conference
K.K. Biswas and Sumanta Pattanaik


2006. 4. 1

Dependent color halftoning : better quality with less ink
Journal of Imaging Science and Technology
vol. 48, No. 5, July/Aug. 2004
Sasan Gooran
presented by Dae-Geun Park
Spectral Reflectance Estimation of Human Skin
and Its Application to Image Rendering

Journal of Imaging Science and Technology
vol. 49, no 6, November/December 2005
Motonori Doi, Norihiro Tanaka, Shoji Tominaga
presented by Dong-Chang Lee


2006. 4. 8

 Innovative Color Interpolation Using
Fuzzy Logic and Linear Regression

Thirteenth Color Imaging Conference
no. 7-11, 2005
Jyh-Jiun Lee, Yu-Sheng Tsai, Yi-Ching Liaw, Chia-Lun Chen,
Chia-Hung Cheng, and Shin-Chieh Chen
presented by Eun-Young Kwon


2006. 4. 8

Hybrid Color Filter Array Demosaicking
for Effective Artifact Suppression

Journal of Electronic Imaging
vol. 15, no. 1, Jan-Mar. 2006
Lanlan Chang and Yap-Peng Tan
 presented by Tae-Hyung Lee


2006. 4. 15

  Design of a Novel Spectrum Sequential Display with a Wide Color Gamut and Reduced Color Breakup
13th Color Imaging Conference
Nov. 2005
Erno H.A Langendijk, Sander J. Roosendaal,
and Marche H. G. Peeters


2006. 4. 15

Hardcopy Image Barcodes Via Block-Error Diffusion
IEEE Transactions on Image Processing
vol. 14, no. 12, Dec. 2005
Niranjan Damera-Venkata, Jonathan Yen,
Vishal Monga and Brian L. Evans
presented by Soo-Jin Sung


2006. 4. 29

Chapter 1a. Colorimetry


2006. 4. 29

Design of Relative Primary Luminances
for Four-primary Displays

vol. 26, issue 4-5, Oct. 2005
Senfar Wen
presented by Joong-Hyun Kim