Seminar on February 2006




Paper title


2006. 2. 7

Color to Gray and Back. Embedding
into Textured Gray Images

13th Color Imaging Conference, November 2005
K. M. Braun, Xerox Corporation, and R. L. de Queiroz 
presented by Kyung-Woo Ko


2006. 2. 11

   New Halftoning Method Combining the Best of Masking and Error Diffusion Algorithms
EI 2006
Ferruccio Cittadini, Jacques Perville, Stephane Berche,
Mohamed Ben Chouikaha, and Georges Alquie
presented by Joong-Hyun Kim


2006. 2. 14

Colorimetric Characterization Model for DLPTM Projectors
11th Color Imaging Conference, November
David R. Wyble and Hongqin Zhang
presented by Chang-Hwan Son


2006. 2. 18

A Spatial Domain Optimization Method
to Generate Plane Dependent Masks

Electronic Imaging 2006
Yifeng Wuge
presented by Joong-Hyun Kim


2006. 2. 21

A Novel Approach for Generating Object Spectral Reflectance Functions from Digital Cameras
13th Color Imaging Conference , pp.99-103. November 2005
Changjun Li and M. Ronnier Luo
presented by Oh-Seol Kwon


2006. 2. 25

Making one object look like another: Controlling Appearance using a Projector-Comerar System
2004 IEEE Computer Society Conference
berg, Harish Peri, Shree K. Nayar, and Peter N. Belhumeur
presented by Dae-Geun Park
Projector color reproduction
adapted to the colored wall projection

CGIV 2004 : The Second European Conference
on Colour Graphics, Imaging and Vision

Masato Tsukada and Johji Tajima
presented by Dae-Geun Park


2006. 2. 28

Colorimetric Characterization
of Digital Cameras Preserving Hue Planes

13th Color Imaging Conference , pp.141-146
Casper Find Andersen and Jon Yngve Hardeberg.