Color Imaging Workshop




Color Imaging Workshop

June 26, 2004
Kyungpook National University
Taegu, Korea


[1] High Fidelity Color Printing Technology
      Yeong-Ho Ha
      Kyungpook Nat’l Univ.

[2] Performance Analysis of Gamut Compression Algorithms
      Byoung-Ho Kang,* Chang-Yeong Kim,* and M. Ronnier Luo**
      * Imaging Solution Center/SAIT Kyungpook Nat’l Univ., **Univ. of Leeds

[3] RGB Look-up Table Design for Display Color Matching
      Kee-Hyon Park* and Cheol-Hee Lee**
      * Kyungpook Nat’l Univ., ** Andong Nat’l Univ.

[4] Colour Measurement on Glossy Food Using the Digital Camera
      Yung-Kyung Park and Jeong-Won Wu
      Ewha Womans University

[5] Color Constancy Based on Improved Illumination Using Noise Modeling
      Ik-Hwan Kim,* Kun-Woen Song,** and Yeong-Ho Ha***
      * LG Electronics Ltd., ** Uiduk Univ., *** Kyungpook Nat’l Univ.

[6] Standard Color Reproduction Methods on an Wide Gamut RGB-Laser Display and Multi-primary
      Moon-Cheol Kim and Yoon-Cheol Shin
      Samsung Electronics Ltd.

[7] The Relation Between DCT Kernel and Human Visual System in Color Image Concealment
      Ho-Keun Lee
      Samsung Electronics Ltd.

[8] Six Color Separation Using Lightness Value and Objective Granularity
      Chang-Hwan Son and Yeong-Ho Ha
      Kyungpook Nat’l Univ.