Color Imaging Workshop




Color Imaging Workshop

June 28, 2003
Kyungpook National University
Taegu, Korea


[1] Recent Trends in Color and Image
Yeong-Ho Ha
Kyungpook Nat'1 Univ.

[2] Color Look-Up Table for Color Reproduction Combining Variable Anchor Points Gamut Mapping Method and Color Space Conversion
Yun-Tae Kim, and Yeong-Ho Ha
Kyungpook Nat'1 Univ.

[3] Reduction of Smear Artifact in Vector Error Diffusion Using Vector Norm and Angle
Soon-Chang Lee
LG Electronics Ltd.

[4] Content-based Image Retrieval Using Color Adjacency and Gradient
Hong-Yan Jin
Kyungpook Nat'1 Univ.

[5] Adaptive Separation of Luminance and Chrominance Signal in TV System
Sang-Um Choi and Sun-Kyu Kwon
LG Electronics Ltd.

[6] Improved Spectral-Reflectance (SR) Estimation Using Set of Principle Components Separately Organized for Each SR Population with Similar SRs
Cheol-Hee Lee,* Oh-Seol Kown,** and Yeong-Ho Ha**
*Kyungwoon Univ., ** Kyungpook Nat'1 Univ.

[7] Estimation of Spectral Distribution of Illumination Using Maximum Achromatic Region
Jung-Hoon Lee
SK Teletech Co.

[8] 3D Image Synthesis Using Color Appearance Model
Jae-Chul Kim
Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute(ETRI)