Symposium on Color and Imaging




The 2nd Symposium on Color and Imaging

April 19, 2004
Grand Auditorium
Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology
Yongin, Korea


 Session 1

[1] Yoichi Miyake (Chiba Univ., Japan)
      Proposals of Standard Spectral Image and its Application to Designing of CCD Camera

[2] Moon-Cheol, Kim Jin-Sub Um, Yoon-Cheol Shin, San-Jin Lee, and Il-Do Kim
     (Samsung Electronics, Korea)
     Color Signal Processing in Multi-Primary Display

[3] Hyeon-Seok Seo, Choon-Woo Kim (Inha Univ., Korea), Ki-Min Kang, and Goo-Soo Gahang
    (Samsung Electronics, Korea)
     A Color Error Diffusion Technique based on Volumetric Ratio

 Session 2

[1] Cheol-Hee Lee (Andong National Univ., Korea) and Yeong-Ho Ha
     (Kyungpook National Univ., Korea)
     RGB Look-up Table Design for Color Matching between Monitor and Mobile Display

[2] Byoung-Ho Kang (Samsung Advanced Institute of Tech., Korea), Chang-Yeong Kim (Samsung
    Advanced Institute of Tech., Korea), and M. Ronnier Luo (University of Leeds, United Kingdom)
    Performance Analysis of Gamut Compression Algorithms

[3] Young-Shin Kwak (Samsung Advanced Institute of Tech., Korea), Lindsay MacDonald (London
     College of Printing, United Kingdom), and M. Ronnier Luo (University of Leeds, United Kingdom)
     The Kwak03 Color Appearance Model

[4] Yung-Kyung Park and Jeong-Weon Wu   
     (Color & Design Research Institute, Korea)
     Colour Measurement on Glossy Food Using the Digital Camera