Color Imaging Workshop




Color and Imaging Workshop

November 27, 2006
Kyungpook National University
Taegu, Korea


[1]  Image Quality Evaluation Based on the Human Visual Characteristics
      Yoichi Miyake
      Chiba University, Japan.

[2]  Basics of Color Science
       Timo J
University of Joensuu, Finland.

[3]  Visual Quality of Color Images
  Göte Nyman

 University of Helsinki, Finland.

[4]  Theory and Analysis of Spectral Color Images
Jussi Parkkinen
 University of Joensuu, Finland.

[5]  Compression and Transfer of Spectral Color Images
Arto Kaarna
  Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland.

[6]  Applications of Spectral Color Technology
Docent Markku Hauta-Kasari
University of Joensuu, Finland.

[7]  Adaptive Color Reproduction on Displays for Ambient Light
Cheol-Hee Lee
Andong National University, Korea.

[8]  Preferred Color Reproduction for the Elderly
Gee-young Sung 
 S.A.I.T., Korea .

[9]  Memory Color Reproduction on the Display
Young-Shin Kwak  
 S.A.I.T., Korea .

[10]  Color Reproduction for Multi-media Convergence
Chang-Hwan Son and Yeong-Ho Ha  
 Kyungpook National University, Korea.